10 Things You Cannot buy Online from Most Countries Around the World

Posted on May 30, 2016

Online shopping and e-commerce have revolutionized the way people shop and trade. However, there are still things you can’t buy online. Find out here!


Physical stores are getting leaner while the virtual mega malls are popping up daily.

They keep no inventory, sell images over the internet, accept online purchases, pick ex-factory and ship instantaneously to the shopper. No overheads associated with maintaining a brick and mortar store is catered for.

Some of these benefits are transferred to the customers through discounts and lower prices.

Nearly everything is available for sale online. However, there are still others which cannot be sold online due to restrictions or because they cannot be marketed properly online.

Ten major items not considered for sale online include the follows.

1. Cigarettes

Online stores offer e-cigarettes. However, the actual nicotine cigar and cigarettes are not available for sale online.

2. Guns and ammunition

Guns and bullets are easier to sell in some states in the United States than medicines. However, despite legalization in some of the states, selling guns are considered illegal online.

3. Alcohol

Most if not all online stores do not sale any alcoholic beverages online. Some online stores have eased this to allow for the sale of mild wines. However, the sale of alcohol is still prohibited. This is because of legislative issues. It is hard to determine if the shoppers are underage minors purchasing drinks.

4. Petrol and diesel fuels

These are considered dangerous items not available for sale online. You, therefore, cannot order a gallon of gasoline to be delivered to your premises for an early morning hunting excursion. Surely, you won’t get anything to cart online.

5. Poison

Poisons are regulated products which cannot be sold online. Online shoppers can get pesticides and other agricultural chemicals including fertilizers online but the not poison like cyanide.

6. Pets

Pets are adorable and lovely. However, one cannot opt to select an Alsatian puppy online, no matter their desires. You have to physically visit the pet store to pick one.

7. Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are those that are issued under doctors’ instructions. They vary in efficacy and side effects from one patient to another. Their issuances are strictly controlled and monitored.

8. Anvil

These are available on online stores. However, due tot their weights, they better pick physical from the local hardware. The cost of transporting them overseas will most probably overshadow their purchase price.

9. Cars

Vintage cars are nowadays auction online. Second-hand vehicles are exported around the world through online purchase. What cannot be purchased online are the brand new vehicles. Most probably, the new owners would want to test drive them before purchase. Further, the hassle of letting a third party drive it to your premises is far too risky.

10. Real Estate

Probably, this is the most expensive single purchase we undertake in our lifetime. The decision on the selection and fine prints, as well as professional services involved in locating, securing, purchasing and owning a real estate, is daunting. Understandably, this is impossible using a click on two.

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