50 Things You Must Buy When You’re In South Korea

Posted on May 28, 2016

Visiting South Korea soon? Here are 50 things you should buy when you’re there!


This is a guide to all things South Korean. In the last few years South Korea has been the shopping extravaganza of the world. Not only that K-Pop has wowed the world with its funky tunes and has made us long to be part of the phenomenon.

You’ll have a great experience shopping in South Korea especially in cities like Seoul where some of the shopping malls are opened until early in the morning, and some are opened 24 hours!

Here is a guide to what you should buy if you find yourself in South Korea.

1. K-pop Fandom

You can’t leave without buying K-pop CD’s or DVDS. It is a definite must. Many people have different opinions about K-pop. Some people love K-pop and while others don’t love K-pop. It is always about personal taste.

2. Socks

Socks in South Korea are the cutest you will ever find. They just make you want to buy all the socks in the store. Though, that would be unreasonable and not very practical, but you still should buy socks when you are in South Korea.

3. Korean cutesy items

South Koreans love cute items. It is in their DNA. You should definitely invest in buying something that is cute from teddy bears to socks to pillow cases. There are tones of things you can buy. There are a lot of stores where you can buy these items from.

4. Beauty Products

Koreans know how to live life well. Their beauty products are among the best in the world.

5. Hair Products

The hair products in Korea will make your hair look like a billion dollars.

6. Electronics

Asia has managed to make the best affordable electronics in the world. It is also the only place you can get their electronics and not pay a lot of money for it.


7. Hanbok

This is the traditional costume of South Korea and it is a must have when it comes to buying something in South Korea when you want to wow your friends at costume parties or just when you are feeling like dressing up in a traditional costume.

8. Usb Drives

These Usb drives are so unique in design it is absolutely surprising that they are not sold in electronic stores around the world. They come in so many different shapes and sizes.

9. Soju

Every country has their own type of traditional drink. If you like trying outing new things and enjoying your beer, it would be beneficial for you to buy the drink and try this out.

10. Cute Pillows

You can choose cute pillows with your favorite cartoon character.

11. Korean Earmuffs

Buy Korean earmuffs. Nothing can be cuter than them.

12. Cute Shoes

I think, you are very choosy about your shoes. Buy cute shoes for you and your children.

13. Mini Bags/Pouches

People in Korea use mini bags/pouches to carry their small necessary things.

14. Card Case

It will help you to protect your cards like credit cards, business cards.

15. Relationship Key Chains

Couples can buy gorgeous couple key chain for their Smartphone.

16. Wall Clock

Buy one. This will give your room a nice look and tell you time.


17. Cell Phone Charms

As your cell phone is your most favorite thing, make it gorgeous with charms.

18. Memo Note Pad

Get out of traditional note pad buy one to write in a stylist way.

19. Retro TV

Give your home an aristocratic look with a new version of old thing.

20. Cups

Buy cute cups for your children with their favorite cartoon characters.

21. Headphone Cord Winder

Buy one to protect your headphone from getting tangled.

22. Stickers

You must have, if you are passionate about decoration. You can use wallpaper stickers for your home.

23. Fashion Masks

This will help you protect yourself from germs with style.

24. Mouse Pads

You can get fashionable mouse pads here to add a new dimension to your electronic device.

25. Tissue Holders

In Korea, you will get well designed tissue holder.

26. Capsule Letters

Letters not capsules! Open it; write letter and again keep back to reach your hearty speech to special ones.

27. High Heel Door Stopper

Buy a fashionable high heel door stopper; do not use your shoes.

28. Hello Kitty Toaster

Get out of traditional toaster, buy one here. It is cuter than anything.

29. Korean Bookmakers

Did you know, bookmakers can also be fashionable and cute? Buy for your children something different.

30. Cute Medicine Cases

Nobody likes medicine. But when you will keep them in cute cases, you can somewhat be happy to take it.

31. Water Bottle Case

I think, your kid will be so happy to see a cute water bottle case.

32. Boots Keeper/Boots Warmer/Boots Holder

Buy boots keeper to protect your boots from dirt.


33. Rabbit Ears Cap

A rabbit ears cap will give you a cute baby look.

34. Winter Gloves

You can buy mismatching winter gloves from here. You have to be careful when you choose mismatching!

35. Colored Tabs

They are unique in shape and color. Buy one to have a different experience.

36. Mini Erasers

You can find them as chocolates. Tell your children not to eat them.

37. Tea Bag Holder

You like to drink tea? You should buy it.

38. Korean Pencils

Make sure your children must have Korean nice pencils.

39. Eating Utensils

Eating utensils are so stylish here, you must have them.

40. Mona Lisa Chocolate Cookies

You like cookies. Right? You must buy.

41. Beauty Aids

You must take care of your skin. You can buy them from any store.

42. Mouth Strap

Buy a mouth strap to have a sound sleep.

43. Running Panties

Buy running panties to wear when you will go for jogging.

44. Cute Notebooks

Buy cute notebooks that you will find nowhere else

45. Ken Doll Hair Wax

In Korea, you will get the best style aids. Buy to be fashionable.

46. Bunny Smartphone Case

You can give your old Smartphone a new look.

47. Pencil Case Pouch

Your children a pencil case pouch for their pencils.


48. Clothes

If you are passionate about clothing, Korea is probably one of the best places on earth to buy them. This should be on top.

49. Cute Stationery

In Korea, you will get stationery so cute that you cannot go home without buying.

50. Hair Accessories

Buy cute fashionable hair accessories. You must like them.

Wow, that was such a long list isn’t it? Are you planning to buy all of these? Please share this with your friends!

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