10 Things You Cannot buy Online from Most Countries Around the World

Posted on May 30, 2016

Online shopping and e-commerce have revolutionized the way people shop and trade. However, there are still things you can't buy online. Find out here! Physical stores are getting leaner while the virtual mega malls are popping up daily. They keep no inventory, sell images over the internet, accept online purchases, pick ex-factory and ship instantaneously to the shopper. No overheads associated with maintaining a brick and mortar store ...

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50 Things You Must Buy When You’re In South Korea

Posted on May 28, 2016

Visiting South Korea soon? Here are 50 things you should buy when you're there! This is a guide to all things South Korean. In the last few years South Korea has been the shopping extravaganza of the world. Not only that K-Pop has wowed the world with its funky tunes and has made us long to be part of the phenomenon. You'll have a great experience shopping in South Korea especially in cities like Seoul where some of the shopping malls ...

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5 Ways to Make Money while Travelling in Asia

Posted on May 25, 2016

Asia is big and varied. It is wild and modern, serene and sophisticated. Why not visit part of Asia to experience the marvels and wonders of the world and make money at the same time? You may have the time and favourite destinations, but the travel budget could be a bother, especially if you have a committed savings and you want to stick to your savings plans. A compromise is to plan your travel and work while travelling. This saves ...

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The Easiest Way to Get Paid while Travelling

Travelling around the world and get paid at the same time? Here's how you can make it possible. There are plenty of shoppers around the world who are looking to buy something from another country. However, many are turned off due to high shipping fees and not everything can be bought online. AirShoppr mobile app is designed to address this problem. Say for example you're now in Tokyo, Japan and will be flying to Singapore in a few ...

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