The Easiest Way to Get Paid while Travelling

Posted on May 20, 2016

Travelling around the world and get paid at the same time? Here’s how you can make it possible.


There are plenty of shoppers around the world who are looking to buy something from another country.

However, many are turned off due to high shipping fees and not everything can be bought online.

AirShoppr mobile app is designed to address this problem. Say for example you’re now in Tokyo, Japan and will be flying to Singapore in a few days’ time. You can browse through requests on AirShoppr from shoppers who are based in Singapore looking to buy something from Japan.

The shoppers are willing to pay extra from the original price of the item. It can be as high as 50%! The extra will become the service fee which is also the commission for you if you’re willing to help the shopper get what he or she wants.

Once you agree to help the shopper, the shopper will make the payment and you will be notified that payment has been made.

Our platform will hold the payment until the item has been received or delivered to the shopper.

This is a great way of earning extra if you’re travelling around the region especially for backpackers. If you’re able to help as many shoppers as possible, the amount of money you get would essentially pay off your trip!

Getting paid while travelling is no longer a dream as anyone is now empowered to help people shop wherever they may be.

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